Sunday, August 2, 2009

Loved and lost -- lost in love

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

I absolutely disagree.

I loved and lost and I wish I had never loved at all. I am still in love for all the good it does me.
One thing I do know is that it takes more than one to make a relationship. When one person decides it is over, it is over no matter how the other person feels.

I still love you, you know who you are, and I will never stop loving you. I think about you constantly. I cried on a mutual friends shoulder tonight. I don't know how to stop loving you. I wish I did. I can't turn it off like a light switch. Maybe you could teach me how to. That wont happen though, you wont even talk to me. You said we could still be friends but it didn't take you long to drop me from your friends list.

I sent you an IM but you never responded.

It's been almost 9 months now. Might as well be 9 years.

I am glad you can move on and I wish you all the best. All I ever wanted for you was for you to be happy. Yes, I wish you could have been happy with me but it was not meant to be I guess.

Well, I guess I have ranted enough. I wish things could have worked out differently but as long as you are happy then I am happy for you.

Love you with all my heart


Saturday, January 17, 2009

So much happens so fast

Well it has been a long time and so much has happened. I started to write this long blog about everything but I ended up deleting it.

So here is the short version.

I am no longer married. There will be no T.S.L.C. Christmas sucked. And a couple of weeks ago I met a wonderful girl. I wont say her name, only because she wants me to say it. Well ok maybe just once. Fluffy.

I'll try to write more later.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Friends and Acquaintance's

We all have them but which are which? To me a friend is someone that you know not someone you just met. In sl we have all had people that offer friendship on first meeting I'm sure. I know I have. I politely tell them that I like to get to know someone before I consider them a friend.

Isnt this why we have calling cards? Little used little known things in your inventory that you have no idea what they are for.

In sl this is the distinction between friends and acquaintance's. You keep your friends on your friend's list and your acquaintance's in your calling card folder.

Often when someone I meet offers friendship I will politely decline and offer a calling card instead. This still allows them to contact you but doesn't fill up your friend's list with people that 3 months later you are asking yourself who is this person.

This is just my take on it but I haven't seen anyother reason for calling cards. So next time you start to offer someone that you just met your friendship you might reconsider and offer them your calling card instead.

For me being a new citizen helper at NCI, I like to be able to give a calling card to all the new people I help so if they have any questions when they are not at NCI they can still give me a call and ask. This I don't mind at all but if I were to offer or accept friendship with all of them my friends list would soon be out of control. So I keep my friends list for my friends.

So don't be put out if you offer me friendship and I decline, its just that I would like to get to know you better before I will consider you a friend, but I am more than happy to exchange calling cards.

Ok, I forgot to tell you HOW to give a calling card. It's just as easy as adding a friend. Click on the person and in the pie chart click on "more" then click "give card". That's all there is to it now they have your calling card. That is , of course, if they accept it.

There is also one more thing about calling cards. Unlike your friends list, you can organize them any way you want. Want to seperate business contacts from personal contacts? Ma a folder for each and move the appropriate calling cards into the folders. Viola, now you don't have to look through so many to find what you want.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's about time Mala

Well, I guess it is about time I start putting something down about my wonderful Second Life.

My name is Malaita Karu, pronounced Mala - eeta (all short a's)

but most people call me Mala. If you see me say hi.

I was "born" into my Second Life on July 13, 2008

Ok where to begin?

I came to Second Life on the suggestion of a friend. I was off of work with an injury and was getting a little stir crazy. She told me I should try it and because I love to be creative that I should learn learn learn. Learn to build, learn to script, learn everything. I love to learn.

At help island I learned about NCI - New Citizens, Inc. A place designed for "newbies" in mind. So I went there. I went to the part of NCI called NCI - Beach. Well I have always loved the beach so that is the one I went to.

It was amazing! The people there were great and so helpful. They helped me learn simple things like how to sit. I know but its not quite like sitting in "first life" or "real life" as it is called. NCI also has classes on everything. How to function in SL (Second Life), building, scripting, making clothes. Well I knew this was my kind of place right away.

I started taking the classes and I found a nice sandbox ( a place open to the public where one can practice building things ) called Dreams Sandbox. I would take a class and then go to the sandbox and practice practice practice!

Well to make a long story short so far I have taken 35 classes, not all of them at NCI, there are many places that have classes.

During this time I spent a lot of time at NCI - Beach hanging out with the NCI "helpers" people that voluntarily hang out at NCI - beach to help newbies adjust to SL, answering questions and giving out information. NCI helpers are wonderful people. Jordana, Gideon, Suki, Chris, Luna, and many more, you are wonderful people. I love you all and can never thank you enough for the help and friendship you have shown me.

Well of course I felt overwhelmed and wanted to give back to NCI what NCI had done for me. Jordana, thank you especially for making me an NCI helper to. Now I can help newbies learn a little about SL and give back a little of the help and friendship that was given to me. It is wonderful to be able to help.

When I first came to SL I had no idea what to expect. I didn't dream one could meet such wonderful people let alone fall in love. Yes, I sure did. Suki, you are my heart.

My SL family now includes many wonderful people. In addition to the ones mentioned above there is Aaronson and Issy, Ahuva, Annabell, Oura, Chadd, Cheeky, and several more.

I love Second Life and my Second Life family.

Well I guess that is enough babbling for now. The grid is down and I can't log on. I hate when that happens. I'll be in world just as soon as I can get there, hope I see you there.